About our coats

"A Mistake is only a mistake if you don't use it as an opportunity to learn and improve."  Those learning opportunities ultimately led to the coats we are proud to make available to you.  

Our coats have been field tested - literally.  

While "Hook and Loop" (Velcro) works very well for small dogs, we learned very quickly that XXXL dogs needed another option.  This led to the use of a three snap closure at the neck. This ensures that the neck stays fastened and allows for some adjustability if needed.  

After some trial and error, we found the best option was to use a nylon strap with a parachute clip to attach the jacket around the chest.  This makes the jackets easy for the owner to put on and take off while ensuring that the jacket stays fastened while your dog is enjoying the great outdoors.  The strap length is also adjustable so that the jacket can be fitted perfectly.  

Large dogs often do better with a leash and harness than with a leash and collar.  With this in mind, these coats feature a zipper along the back to accommodate the use of a harness.  Simply put the jacket on over the harness, unzip to access the harness ring, hook on the leash and you're ready to go!


For those who wish to dress their dogs on hot summer days - because they can - we offer a lighter weight lining. 

For colder weather use, we offer a polar fleece lining, which makes winter excursions much more fun for dogs - especially the short haired breeds.