About us

Ruger's Runway is pleased to announce its Grand Opening.  We may be new but we've been designing and creating coats for awhile.  What started out as a love offering, to some amazing bloodhounds, has become a new enterprise. 

The mission of Ruger's Runway is to provide owners of giant dogs with high-quality, Canadian-made dog clothing in sizes large enough to fit huge dogs, even those that weigh-in at over 100 pounds/45 kilograms.  

Why make jackets for giant dogs?

  • Many dogs spend a considerable amount of time indoors - so they don't develop a thick coat in the winter
  • Short hair dogs, such a bloodhounds and great danes, will spend more time outdoors in the winter if they are warm
  • Large breed dogs can stay fit all year round
  • Big dogs feel the cold just as much as small dogs 

As we have discovered, dogs vary considerably in body length, chest circumference, and neck circumference.  While we do offer ready-made jackets in a range of sizes we can also create custom made jackets to fit an individual dog.  Our coats can be lined to suit the season.  Our light weight lining is suitable for cool or warm weather.  For those cold, wintery days  (something that Canadians know all about)  jackets can be lined with polar fleece to provide extra warmth.